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Soft Mackintosh for Newborns

Soft Mackintosh for Newborns
  • Waterproof or resistant based Mackintosh
  • Protect your mattress and other changing surfaces from any stains or baby urine.
  • The Soft Mackintosh for Newborns super lightweight
  • Quality and soft mackintosh for kids
  • Easily wash or clean it at home
  • Suitable for home and on the go outdoor changes
  • Usable as a changing mat or as a surface for drying your baby after a bath.
  • Available in four colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow and multicolored.

KSh 600.00


Delivery Notes:

  • Delivery between 4hrs – 24 hrs depending on location.
  • Orders placed past 3 pm will be delivered the next day.
  • Orders placed on Sundays/Public Holidays will be delivered/dispatched the next day (unless under special arrangements)

The baby wetting the bed should worry you no more.

comfortable as a bed sheet, easy to clean soft mackintosh for newborns to babies below 5 years.

Has a non-deforming fabric that can be washed and dried for repeated use and comes with a waterproof/urine pad

Has a soft fabric surface (where you put the baby) and the water waterproof/urine pad material pvc at the back.

Keeps your baby safe from surface contaminants, dust/dirt, place it before placing the baby for a change.

The Mackintosh is waterproof to prevent the urine from passing through the mattress.

Soft Mackintosh for newborns, large to fit baby cot, as the baby sleeps/rolls no spills on the mattress.

It’s also lightweight and stylish and available in four colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow and multicolored.


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