User Data Deletion

At Asher Kids Store, we understands the need to keep your personal data discrete and out of rich by entities you did not intend to access it. This includes your right to deactivate and website account you hold with Asher Kids and Baby shop or even user data deletion In our privacy policy, we’ve detailed how we use your data, exclusively to enable you to shop and transact smoothly with us. But over and above this, at some point there comes a time we need to delete some data or entire accounts with websites we have subscribed to, and at Asher Kids, we understand this all too well;

Deleting your Account.

If the need arises and you want to delete your account with us, please contact us via writing to [email protected] or you can send us a chat message using the WhatsApp chat integrated with our website.

You may state if any data is to be retained or if every single data connected to your account should as well be deleted. Optionally. you may let us know the reason, such as; perhaps you received too many emails, SMS etc, just to ensure we constantly improve our clients’ user experience as you interact with us via the website.

The data deletion request will be addressed within 48hours and confirmation be given back to you as per your request in writing.

We value you,

Management, Asher Kids Store.

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