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Baby Gift Sets or Gifting a friend who’s due or has a newborn is not quite a walk in the park. We’ve been all through these questions. “What will I gift a friend who just got a baby girl or baby boy?” “What will I gift someone for their kid’s first birthday?” Tough, right? At Asher Kids, we got you covered. Browse through various gift packages that gives you the liberty to further customize selections

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Newborn gifts sets ideal for you or a friend when they are due for delivery or already have a #newborn.

The packages are design to ensure when you are in for delivery, you have everything that you need.

The newborn gifts packages or sets range from Ksh 5000 (a basic package) up to Ksh 20,000 a comprehensive package.

All the newborn gifts packages in this price range comes with free delivery.

Save youseft the hustle of trying to figure out what do i need to buy to be ready for delivery but rather the newborn gifts packages sorts all the question.

Further more there is an option to swap an item of equal price with another just incase you already have enough of an item included in the package.

And we’re here to walk with you for any questions.

Here's what to know about this Newborn Starter Package
Sometimes are we want is get me the bare minimum or everything to get going.
That's where this affordable baby items packages comes in
With it you get the following items:

  • 1 baby basin and a Light Large Shawl,
  • A pair of Socks and a 11 Piece Clothes Set,
  • 3 baby Vests 
  • 6 Pack Washcloth and 1 Pack of non scented Wipes,flannel
  • 3 Feeding Bibs,
  • 1 Baby Towel
  • Onesis 5 pack
  • Pair of Stockings
  • small ball/shacker
  • Rompers
  • 2 Mittens

Your's is just to select the Newborn Starter Package, add to cart and checkout in simple steps or click order via whatsapp. Voila! We deliver.
Please note, we allow customizations, you can swap items of equal amounts or decide to add some other items or quantities needed with respective price adjustments.
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