Newborn Starter Pack (8K)

Newborn Starter Pack (8K)

Comprises of :

  • 1 Basin, Heavy Blanket, Socks,
  • 5 Piece Clothes Set, 5 Vests,
  • Sweater, 6 Pack Wash Cloth,
  • 1 Pack of non scented Wipes, 5 Disposable Pants,
  • Feeding Bibs,1 Towel, 3 Liners, 1 Shaker Toy,
  • 1 Pair of Stockings, Grooming Kit,
  • 1 trouser and body suit, Soft Mackintosh

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KSh 8,000.00

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The 8k Newborn Starter Pack consists:

  • Baby essentials that will go along way as the baby is growing.

Comprises of :

Grooming Kit will help in keeping the sanitation of your baby on point.

The basin while bathing the baby.

The heavy blanket can be used to cover the baby while sleeping or

Wrap the baby while carrying or holding him or her.

Newborn Starter Pack has warm and soft clothes for baby’s skin.

Comes with  6 Pack Wash Cloth that are;

Useful while bathing the baby or after feed to wipe the baby.

Clothes are very important , these Newborn Starter Pack has

a 5 pack set sock , vest stockings and a sweater.

Soft mackintosh helps in preventing spill on the bed

Also usable when changing the baby diapers.

Lastly other newborn essentials are towel,  1 Pack of non scented Wipes,

5 Disposable Pants, Feeding Bibs, 3 Liners, 1 Shaker Toy, 1 Pacifier.


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