Critical 10 Dos and Donts During Pregnancy

10 Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy

Written by Victoria Atema

I'm a Passionate mother! I believe in the power of sharing information, demystifying the women's journey of expectancy and nursing. Women experience a lot and when we talk about it, we solve the problem by a half, since it gives us peace that we are not alone

August 22, 2020

You now know for certain that you are pregnant and this comes with some…

10 dos and donts during pregnancy.

Remember, you are partly or to large extent responsible for your unborn baby’s growth.

There are certain things that you need to do to increase your chances of having a safe delivery. We will focus on the common do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. We will revolve around majorly how you take care of your body. Note that there are those measures that you might need to take with instructions from your doctor. However, the ones listed below applies to all expectant mothers. If you are not sure if you are pregnant click on these article to read the early Signs of pregnancy

Depending on how you lived your life before will determine how easy it will be to adapt to the changes or how frequent you will need to be reminded for the next nine months or so.

Anyway not to make you worry much, here are some of the Do’s and Don’t’s during pregnancy.

The Don’ts during pregnancy

1. Do not Smoke

Smoking is harmful to your body even before pregnancy. So with the fetus, it will be worse. If your are addicted, seek help on how to stop smoking to avoid harming your unborn child.

2. Do not drink

Alcohol will affect baby’s development. Studies show that Baby’s born from an alcoholic mother gets Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (This is a broad range of developmental defects of a child). If you are addicted to alcohol do seek help on how to stop this for the sake of your child

3. Do not take any un-prescribed Medicine.

Most of us mothers like self-medication. I guess it is how we were raised! Or it seems the easiest and fastest option. Women we were also created to be strong, therefore we find ourselves thinking of fast relievers, pain killers, or antibiotics whenever we feel pain in our bodies in order for us to go back to our normal duties faster.

However, tempted you will be during this period, avoid this completely. If you feel any pain in your body seek medical assistance. After diagnosis, the doctor would be in a position to advise on either a natural solution or prescribe medicine that would not harm your growing fetus.

4. Do not eat raw or under-cooked food or Unwashed fruits

Undercooked or raw food would cause the risk of having Listeriotic disease (This is a serious disease caused after eating contaminated food). This might not be very harmful to the mother because it is a mild disease to her, but it could cause much harm to the fetus. Therefore, take time to cook your meat and eggs.

To prevent Harmful bacteria, it’s advisable to wash the fruits thoroughly before eating.

5. Do not drink Much Caffeine

It has not been made clear how caffeine affects the baby, though studies show it is harmful. So if you have to take it, take it in the least quantity possible. Study’s show that caffeine can cross the placenta and enter the baby’s bloodstream which could affect the health of the baby.

So better be safe than sorry!

The Do’s during pregnancy

1. Prenatal vitamins

Being pregnant requires you to have specific nutrients and in certain portions. Some of the nutrients you will need are Folic Acid and Iron.

An expectant mother is also expected to have a high percentage of calcium. Therefore, if the proportion of the nutrients in the food you take is low, the doctor might prescribe you to take tablets or supplements. Most of the time we do not know how much we consume so sometimes the prescription is always necessary. Some of the essential nutrients are:

  • Folic; helps to prevent defects of the brain and spine.
  • Iron; helps in getting extra blood for both the mother and baby thus reduce chances of being anemic.
  • Calcium; as the baby is growing he needs stronger bones and teeth hence more calcium.
  • Above all else ensure your diet is balanced.

2. Have Lots of rest

Sleep is very important for a great pregnancy journey. You have a being growing inside you, therefore it is important to Schedule different nap times to ensure you have enough rest. The 1st trimester might not be that important but as you progress towards the end of the 2nd trimester or the 3rd trimester you will need to include rest in your to-do list.

In your 3rd trimester, the sleeping positions might be uncomfortable but that should not hinder you from resting. Getting naps during the day will help. Use pillows between the knees and behind the back for support and to feel more comfortable.

3. Exercise

Now, do not get me wrong! Do not do extreme heavy lifting or very involving exercises. The exercises are not to help you retain your size 12 or 16 figure. That, you cannot worry about right now because your body will have to change, you will probably gain weight. Prioritize your unborn child right now. You will work on your body figure after delivery.

The exercise during this time is mostly to help decrease on some discomforts like backache and fatigue and finally to help prepare your body for labor.

If you were not having any exercise before you will have to start with simple ones like walking or jogging. On the other hand, if you were going to the gym you will have to lighten the exercise that you do. Listen to your body, Whenever you feel tired or mild pain stop and take rest.

4. Stay Hydrated.

Staying hydrated is one of the major things that you have to intentionally do. Take lots of water and natural fruit juices or just a fruit. Your body needs water to form amniotic fluid, build body tissue, produce more blood, and for easy digestion.

The recommended quantity is at least 2 Litres a day. Some women find it difficult to take plain water. Add lemon, citrus, or oranges to flavor it. Take the water in bits. A glass a time or in bits theses will help the kidney retain more water.

5. Attend Prenatal Visits

As soon as you realize your pregnant or at least on the fourth week start attending the prenatal visit. This will help to know how you and your unborn child are doing. You will be given recommendations for any improvements needed. Most doctors recommend at least 1 visit per month till you are 36 weeks unless you have a complicated pregnancy. As from week 37 till delivery you do weekly visit. This is because anytime from now you could give birth. When you go to the nurse, doctor, or midwife, do not fear to ask any questions on how you feel. This will help him or her to understand if your pregnancy is safe or any precautionary measures you need to do


These are just but a few of the dos and don’ts during pregnancy. Feel free to comment on any other that you know of below. Otherwise, wish you well on your pregnancy journey

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