7 Early Signs of pregnancy

7 Early Signs of pregnancy

Written by Victoria Atema

I'm a Passionate mother! I believe in the power of sharing information, demystifying the women's journey of expectancy and nursing. Women experience a lot and when we talk about it, we solve the problem by a half, since it gives us peace that we are not alone

August 22, 2020

The journey to motherhood is very interesting, therefore knowing the early signs of pregnancy makes you prepared mentally.

Some people find themselves on this journey while others long for it.

When it happens much excitement fills their heart for the much effort done over the months or years.

I mean, It is always a joy to carry a baby inside you.

Check out the early signs of pregnancy

If you did a church wedding or traditional ceremony or you are above 30 years you need to read this.

If your firstborn is 4 or 5 years old and you feel like you need a baby Asap or pressure is mounting from your relatives, colleagues or friends.

Each time the phone rings, you are hesitant to pick because you already know the first question you will be asked. You receive the call with a forced smile stating how you are not in a hurry to conceive yet in real sense you are trying your best but you have not succeeded.

Not forgetting you the student who had unprotected sex and you have been very worried since the incident.

If you’re on these stages in life, then going to the chemist to buy the test kit on a particular month only to test and and your disappointments are confirmed is very frustrating. well check on these signs to see if you are pregnant or not.

There are body changes that may happen to your body that would make you know that you are indeed pregnant before even purchasing a pregnancy kit.

I have listed the seven most common early signs of pregnancy. Remember every pregnancy is different whether from the same mother or different mothers. Here are some of the signs you can check out.

1. Tender, swollen breasts

During early pregnancy, your breast may feel sore or tender to touch. This can start two to three days before your expected menstrual cycle. As you progress through your pregnancy journey you may also feel it fuller or heavie

For some women the tenderness happens all around the breast for some just around the nipple. This is mostly caused by hormones preparing you to grow a human being inside your body.

Sometimes the pain is very uncomfortable. While these is a normal sign you can relieve the pain by wearing a comfortable bra. Possibly a Bra with shoulder straps or better support.

2. Feeling Fatigued or Tired

This is a common symptom during the first and third trimester. Due to the increased levels of the progesterone hormone which lowers your energy levels. Some women feel dizzy or even faint.

Fainting happens due to the needed increase in the blood volume to ensure efficient supply in the developing placenta and fetal circulation. Occasionally it happens when you get up too quickly or standing for long.

To reduce this:

  • Rest as much as possible
  • Eat a balanced diet but in small portions after every few hours
  • Take food rich in iron, Take enough fluids frequently (Note that the best fluid to take is water)
  • If you feel dizzy try sitting down
  • Every time you need to get up from sleep or a sitting position try getting up slowly

3. Slight Bleeding and or Abdominal Cramping.

Cramping is normal during pregnancy. You will probably feel cramping on your lower abdomen or back as your uterus begins to grow. Cramping pain sometimes resembles the pain during your menstrual cycle or more

The slight bleeding is termed as spotting. It could be pink, red or dark brown. You might notice it when you use the toilet or in your panty liner. It is not a lot of blood and it is lighter than your menstrual period

To relieve abdominal cramping:

Try lying down. Women also Put hot water in a bottle and rub the bottle on the aches. Though if the pain is too much its recommend you visit or consult a doctor. For the slight bleeding you can put on a pant liner and you will be fine.

4. Morning Sickness.

This is a common phrase used to and by women when pregnant.
Morning Sickness is nausea with or without vomiting. It is triggered by different odors like sprays, spicy food or even heat.

There are body changes that may happen to your body that would make you know that you are indeed pregnant before even purchasing a pregnancy kit.

It is called morning sickness but it can happen at any time of the day or even sometimes at night. Some women have it throughout their pregnancy but most experience it only on their first trimester.

No studies have shown that there is a solution to this though you can identify what triggers nausea and try to avoid. For example, if it the smell of meat while boiling causes this, then try cooking food that does not include meat or spice up with ingredients such as ginger to help reduce the smell.

5. Food Aversions or Cravings.

This is one of the early signs of pregnancy that you might come to remember after months have passed. Food aversions or cravings means changes in your appetite.This starts mostly when approaching the end of the first trimester. Though their some women who start as early as the first mont

Sometimes you cannot stomach some foods even the ones that used to be your favorite, other times you crave different foods mostly associated with the nutrients your body needs.

Most doctors recommend you to take what you crave for most of the times, but in small portions to just relieve the craving

6. Mood Swings.

During pregnancy your moods become unpredictable, mostly you become quickly irritated or tearful over minor issues. This could be however manageable in the second trimester.

Of course with pregnancy especially first-time mothers are very excited. However, due to worries, physical stress, fatigue and metabolism changes can cause you to have moods.

The funny thing is most of the time you do not notice you are moody. It is the people around you who will tell you that you are. Though if you notice that you are irritated by every little issue, just remember you are not alone.

A few things you can do:

  • Have plenty of rest.
  • Do simple exercises like taking a walk,
  • Eat well
  • Distract yourself by doing things that make you feel happy

7. Missed or Late Period

This is usually the common way to know that your pregnant, after the 24, 26 or 28 cycle and you do not see any signs or menstrual flow then you might be pregnant. If your periods are irregular then you have to give your body time. If you would like to know your due date you can link on your due calculator website

If you encounter a few of these symptoms Its time to get the self-pregnancy test kit from a chemist and confirm or go to the hospital for testing.

If results are negative do not give up trying especially if you have been hoping otherwise, if you are positive you can equip yourself on what to do and not to do by checking these article on the dos and don’ts during pregnancy. you are welcome to this forum where we share knowledge and experiences on these journeys.

Are you a First time Mum?

If you are a first-time mom, I know the feeling! The first few months your so excited, you want to share the news but you’re not sure how and to who. You are not sure if you want it to be a secret till the belly ‘pops’, or to just tell the whole world you’re going to be a mother.

Again it depends, did you want the baby or it’s an oops baby. If you had not planned to get pregnant, do not worry, God gave us nine months with a reason! After all, you never know, you could be carrying the next president or governor or CEO who knows, right?

Anyway, It is you to decide who to tell and when. If you have your partner, it’s always great to start with him and discuss when you feel you can share the news with the rest of the family members and friends. Remember with him the bond has been made stronger with the growing fetus in your womb.

Hey if it is not your first time in this journey and you feel like its another one for the road. I still know that the journey is never the same. It sometimes just feels like the first time. Make it as memorable as you can.

The journey has began
When all is said and done, the ball rolls back to you the future mother. The journey starts with you, accepting the baby and everything that comes with it, or else it will be a long journey, my friend.

Wake up every morning whether you feel like it or not. Try to engage in your normal daily duties, distract your mind from the feeling you have. Command every morning to be a better day than yesterday and it will carry you through the day.

Having people support you; either your friends or spouse or family member the more the support the merrier.

Therefore stay hydrated, have enough rest, eat a balanced diet in small proportions and exercise.

Above all else, the journey can only be complete when you pray to your God through the process because sometimes it’s not as simple as it is said.

So enjoy the journey, get the best out of it even if it gets tough because “Uchungu wa mwana aijuae ni Mama”. Remember it is only 42 weeks at most.

I wish you well in your journey.


Well these are just but 7 early signs of early pregnancy. Have you experienced any other signs and you would like to share? Feel free to comment below

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