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Baby Born with Teeth

Baby Born with Teeth

Written by Victoria Atema

I'm a Passionate mother! I believe in the power of sharing information, demystifying the women's journey of expectancy and nursing. Women experience a lot and when we talk about it, we solve the problem by a half, since it gives us peace that we are not alone

August 22, 2020

Is your baby born with teeth or did he develop it before turning 1 month?

Young mothers are always excited when they see their baby’s first tooth. This is mostly when the baby is almost 4 months. However when a newborn has a tooth it is a different case. Some people believe it is a curse but this is not so.

What is a Natal Tooth
We call them False infant tooth but the correct terminology is Natal Tooth. This is a tooth that present when a baby is born.

This is different from Neonatal Tooth. Neonatal tooth is when the infant grows the tooth within the first month.

The tooth resembles a normal tooth. This is a rare case since most children start growing teeth between 4 to 7 months of age.

Research from NCBI website states that natal tooth occurs in about 1 out of 2000 births.

What causes nasal Tooth
Although research has not proven what causes nasal tooth, it is more likely to occur to children with certain health problems. Other Researches state that this is just a natural occurrence

How does the nasal tooth look like?
The nasal tooth resembles normal tooth only a bit smaller, yellowish or brown in color and hypo-plastic enamel, that is why some would call it plastic tooth

Natal tooth have weak roots, they are held with soft tissue thus can easily be removed with the doctor.

Do I leave it or extract it?
Most of the time the baby experiences difficulty while sucking or breastfeeding or sometimes the child injures his or her tongue. If the natal tooth is loose the baby could inhale which is dangerous.

This therefore, causes most pediatricians to recommend extraction.

Does your baby has a natal tooth ? do not worry, there is nothing wrong with your infant just visit the doctor and he will recommend the best solutions that would work for you.

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