Avent Washable Breast Pads

Avent Washable Breast Pads
  • Extra Soft
  • Reusable washable breast pads
  • Ultra Absorbent
  • Good Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Comfort with confident
  • Included laundry bag
  • 6 pack or 6 pairs of bread pads
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  • Avent washable breast pads are reusable
  • Oval shaped keeping it discreet under clothing
  • Comes with a soft cotton lining that is gentle on the skin.
  • Soft and comfortable for nursing breasts
  • Ideal size for for all nursing mothers.
  • These washable pads have an anti-slip lace.
  • Easily washable and reusable.
  • Highly absorbent and leakage proof.
  • The absorbent pad draws moisture away from the skin.
  • Tender soft fabric that does not irritate the skin.
  • Perfectly and discreetly fits into your nursing bra.
  • Keeps the moms comfortable for long periods of time
  • Breathable material
  • Breast pad keeps mother dry
  • Breast pads are handy especially in the first 6 months after delivery.
  • Ensures air nursing mom’s are comfortable
  • Nicely blends with mother’s body
  • Using these 6-pack washable breast pads keeps you sorted
  • Not visible once once you are dressed
  • Super tender and soft edges
  • Ideal while sleeping but also while you are on the go.
  • Ensures milk does not seep through to your clothes
  • Avent breast pads comes with contoured shape that;
  • Allows you to discreetly wear the pads under your clothing.


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