Momeasy Breast Milk Storage Bags – 25 Pieces Mom Easy

Momeasy Breast Milk Storage Bags – 25 Pieces Mom Easy
  • Momeasy milk storage bags for your breast milk.
  • Each bag has a capacity of 200mls
  • Has a tamper evident seal for complete hygiene.
  • Comes with reinforced seams and dual layer bag.
  • Equipped with a secure, leak proof double zip.
  • Wide opening for easy filling and pouring.
  • Ideal for fridge or freezer while storing breast milk
  • Sleek and thus requires less space storage space in your fridge.
  • BPA Free, non bisphenola
  • 25 pieces of milk storage bags each to hold 200ml of milk

KSh 850.00

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Momeasy breast milk storage cups

The bags are design to ensures that breast milk stays as fresh and pure when expressed

Momeasy breast milk storage bag is 100 percent leakproof

The bags comes with a double zipper seal for extra security.

Made from thick and durable material to keep the milk fresh.

The milk bags are are transparent make it easy to track levels of milk remaining

All the 25 pieces breastmilk storage bags are freezer-safe

Easy to store in stacks or self-standing bags thus consuming little space

All the bags or pouches are pre-sterilized for the safety of your child.

Momeasy 25 pieces breast milk bags are convenient for nursing mothers

Useful espceially while travelling or going to work.

The 25 pieces 200 ml breastmilk storage bag BPA-free

Breast milk storage bag is compatible with all major breast pump brands.

The bags can keep milk fresh for 3 days in the refrigerator and 3 months freezer.

Momeasy 25 pieces breastmilk storage bags are easily stored.

The bags are made of strong durable material that does not tear up making it

It’s easy to be stored in the freezer or fridge.

For easy usage, one pumps directly into the storage bags once a day.

Ideally a nursing mother may require two bags per day depending on milk demands and baby age

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Momeasy Breastmilk Storage Bags – 25 Pieces Mom Easy

Has a wide opening for easy filling and pouring

Mom Easy Milk Store And Freeze Bags

Mom Easy Milk Store And Freeze Bags


  • Do not fill the bag above the maximum line
  • Breast milk expires in 3 days in refrigrator and 3 months in freezer
  • It is momeasy storage bags are disposable
  • Do not apply directly on microwave

Breast milk is recomended and the best for babys of 0 to 24 months .

Breast milk gives nutrients to the baby and prevents against certain illness and allergies.


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