Electric Breast Pump with Storage Bags

Electric Breast Pump with Storage Bags
  • Electric expressing pump
  • Intelligent automatic breast pump
  • Storage bags – 25 pieces
  • Has a sunction speed regulator
  • Enjoy our discounted prices
  • Paired with breast milk storage bags
  • Express and freeze using the bags

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To express breast milk with an electric pump, you need to:

  • Wash your hands to ensure they are clean.
  • Find a quiet place to pump and relax.
  • Assembly your cleaned up electric breast pump unit.
  • Massage each breast gently before attaching the pump.
  • Start slowly with the suction on the lowest setting.
  • Pump for at least 15 minutes, or until the milk flow slows down.
  • Store the expressed milk in a clean container
  • While expressing man storing several units at different time, its good to label each with the date and time.

The advantage of using an electric breast pump is that:

  • It does the work for you, and
  • Takes less time than manual breast pumps

Expressing means squeezing milk out of your breasts, by hand or with a pump, to store and feed to your baby later

Some of the benefits of using an electric breast pump include:

  • Efficiently pumping breast milk to use for feedings.
  • Providing relief from engorgement when you’re away from your baby.
  • Time-saving, as electric pumps draw milk more quickly and more efficiently than manual pumps.
  • Allowing the nursing mother to store breast milk to ensure that the baby enjoys breastfeeding, even when she’s not around.
  • Operating fast and allowing the user to have a free hand that would otherwise be used in a manual breast pump.


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