Diaper Bag 5 Piece

Diaper Bag 5 Piece
  • Ideal for ages 0 to 3 Years.
  • Made of durable long-lasting fabric
  • Super easy to clean and dry.
  • 2 large Bags
  • 2 small holder bags
  • A changing mat
  • Diaper Bag 5 Piece

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The Diaper Bag 5 Piece hold different baby essentials. The Large bag holds the baby clothes, diapers, baby wipes, baby lotion, tissue and toys. The medium bag holds the other small bag that;

  • Would contain the edibles like milk or snacks depending on the age of the baby.

Also the medium bag can store the mother essentials. The fabric is water-resistant hence easy to clean up stains on the surfaces with a dumb cloth. Straps are easy to adjust to either carry on your shoulders or hold with your hands. Also, the Diaper Bag 5 piece has a changing mat to be used while;

  • Changing diapers to avoid stain on the clothes or changing table.

You could also use the large and medium bags interchangeably depending on where you are going. If it’s just a one-day outdoor event carry the small bag while;

  • If it is a sleepover carry the large bag. Convenient all the time

These diaper bag is a brand new unique set. Fits different baby genders and classy to the mother. Finally, The 5 in 1 Diaper bag comes in various colors;

  • Not limited to red, pink, blue and black.

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