Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Hip Seat Baby Carrier
  • The carrier has a detachable seat
  • Comes with pockets for small items
  • Superbly distributes baby weigh around your body
  • A 30° inclined seat keeps the baby very comfortables
  • No strain to your back as the weight is distributed well
  • Has three carrying positions
  • At the front the baby facing you
  • At the fron the baby facing in front or away from you
  • Sideways with the baby reclined (hip seat detached)

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KSh 2,500.00

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  • Delivery between 2hrs – 24 hrs depending on location.
  • Orders placed past 3 pm will be delivered the next day.
  • Orders placed on Sundays/Public Holidays will be delivered/dispatched the next day (unless under special arrangements)

Feature summary of this superb Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Designed with breathable material, essential for hot weather.

With the hip seat, no strain on the mother’s back or spine

Bigger hence safer and used for a long time.

Has baby seat inclined at 30°angle to the hip

The incline makes the carrier very comfortable to carry.

Recommended for baby weighing up to 20 kgs

Ideal for kids between the age of 3 – 24 months

The hip seat baby carrier has pockets for keeping small items

The Baby Carrier is available in red and navy blue colors

Has a detachable hip seat that allows the carrier to transform

The seat position allows baby weight distribution to you.

The high-quality cotton-polyester fabric is strong and durable

The fabric material is gentle to baby’s tender skin


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