Soft Baby Potty Seat

Soft Baby Potty Seat
  • Easy to learn
  • Comfortable to use
  • Soft padded cushioned seat
  • Unisex colours
  • Sits easily on your existing toilet seat

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It’s time to get this soft Baby Potty Seat

It’s simple to use as you just place it on top of your normal toilet sit

Fits on virtually all toilet bowls

Use under adult supervision

Kids potty Seats

Toilet and potty training

It’s easy to use, hygienic and fun

Made from durable plastic material

It is cushion at the top where baby seats

Soft padded and easy to clean

Soft baby potty seat readily in stock

Available in white, pink and blue

Confirm available colors when ordering

Shop today, we deliver within 2 hours around Nairobi

Get in within 24 hours around the country

Order via WhatsApp, call, website or through all our social media pages


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