Soft Mackintosh for Newborns

Soft Mackintosh for Newborns
  • Waterproof or resistant based Mackintosh
  • Protect your mattress and other changing surfaces
  • No more stains or baby urine or poo.
  • The Soft Mackintosh for newborns super lightweight
  • Quality and soft mackintosh for kids
  • Easily wash or clean it at home
  • Suitable for home and on the go outdoor changes
  • Usable as a changing mat or
  • A surface for drying your baby after a bath.
  • Available in four colors:
  • Pink, Blue, Yellow and multicolored.

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The baby wetting the bed should worry you no more.

Comfortable as a bed sheet,

Super easy to clean by hand

Soft mackintosh for newborns to babies below 5 years.

Has a non-deforming fabric that can be washed

Simply dry for repeated use and comes with a waterproof/urine pad

Has a soft fabric surface (where you put the baby)

Has a water waterproof/urine pad material pvc at the back.

Keeps your baby safe from surface contaminants like dust/dirt,

Place it before placing the baby for a change.

The Mackintosh is waterproof

Prevents urine from passing through the mattress.

Soft Mackintosh for newborns, large to fit baby cot

As the baby sleeps or rolls no spills on the mattress.

It’s also lightweight and stylish

Available in four colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow and multicolored.


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